Compassion Collective

Who We Are, How to Join, Why It’s Crucial

The Compassion Collective fuels our efforts to build power and influence for farmed animals, hold decision-makers accountable for the cruelty they could end, make alternatives to animal products as accessible and popular as possible, and speed the transition from industrial animal agriculture to plant-based foods. This amazing group shares so many of our most significant successes.

Join the Compassion Collective, and show off your support!

Donations from the Compassion Collective have the potential to do so much:


could help fund a paid internship that coaches new activists


could support a campaign to get more plant-based options on restaurant menus


could pay a consultant to help an animal farmer transition to growing hemp or mushrooms

Meet Mikael

Mikael has been active in animal protection since 2002 and part of Mercy For Animals since 2006. When he met our founder, Milo Runkle, Mikael was immediately impressed—from the group’s messaging and branding to its organized strategy and effective use of resources. “I truly felt that every hour I donated to Mercy For Animals was an hour put to really good use,” Mikael recalled. Today he oversees the Compassion Collective and spends his days working with supporters to ensure they stay engaged with the organization’s work and mission to end industrial animal agriculture.